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Krantenkop/titel: Website city of Maastricht bilingual due to resolution submitted by CDA Maastricht

The democratic people’s party CDA Maastricht will submit a resolution during the council meeting of Thursday 19th February. The resolution calls for a bilingual website for the municipality of Maastricht (English besides Dutch). The resolution of the Christian Democrats is supported by VVD, Senioren Partij Maastricht, SBM, PVM and MVP.

Peter Corsius, city councilor on behalf of the democratic people’s party CDA Maastricht says: “This gives the municipality of Maastricht more of an international character in its approximation of foreign residents and visitors. It befits a city that is candidate for European Capital of Culture for 2018.

In the motion, city councilor Corsius states that adding English content to the website will cost no more than 3000 euros a year. A pittance compared to the growing number of foreign visitors and residents to Maastricht. For these people, the website of the municipality of Maastricht often is their only source of information. That is to say, if they understand Dutch at all. The motion of CDA Maastricht should provide in this need.


Most important of all: the resolution has passed! The outcome is that mayor Hoes has adopted the purpose of this motion.

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