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CDA Maastricht – Find out what we stand for

CDA (Christian Party) is part of the EPP fraction and works together with sister parties such as CDU/CSU and CD&V. All citiziens of other EU member states – students, expats – who are registered in the Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie have the right to vote.

  1. The Maastricht Healthcare model
  • A Social Support Law that offers tailor-made care;
  • Care for people who actually need it;
  • Sufficient neighborhood nurses and community police officers;
  • Attention for informal caregivers and families in poverty;
  • Care close to home;
  • Prevention instead of cure.


  1. Devoting more attention to Maastricht elderly
  • Affordable/customised housing so that people can live at home as long as possible;
  • Easily accessible and senior-friendly public transport system;
  • Covering costs for own contribution to health insurance premium for the less well-off;
  • Tailor-made care and attention for seniors’ concerns;
  • Providing simple and easily accessible information;
  • Elderly support desk/line for practical help;
  • Recruiting volunteers to support and strengthen senior care.


  1. Focus on Maastricht families
  •  Accessible childcare centres which provide good education and care;
  • Affordable sports, music and swimming lessons;
  • Sufficient/well-equipped outdoor play areas;
  • Family support desk for family-related questions/emergent issues;
  • Education on both sides of the Maas;
  • No unnecessary school trips abroad in secondary education;
  • Easily accessible neighborhood teams for families that need support.


  1. Maastricht citizen at the centre
  • A government that actively seeks out and listens to citizens;
  • More support to those who need it the most;
  • A more serviceable and customer-oriented government;
  • Actual participation for citizens;
  • Citizen initiatives without interference from the government;
  • Use of understandable language in politics and by the government.


  1. Vigourous neighbourhoods
  •  Safe, challenging and clean neighborhoods;
  • Preservation of community and community houses;
  • Enforcement action to monitor quality of life;
  • Mixed neighborhoods;
  • A quota for split room rental;
  • Increasing the role of district nurses and community agents;
  • Involving residents in collective decision-making;
  • Good maintenance of green spaces.

6. Supporting Maastricht associations 

  • Affordable housing facilities focused on each neighborhood;
  • Membership open to everyone (children included);
  • A subsidy policy not aimed at the number of members;
  • Better cooperation regarding future and long-term activities;
  • More municipal support;
  • Large association hall for storage for all associations;
  • Production room facility.


7. Sustainability and accessibility in Maastricht

  • Reducing traffic pollution;
  • City distribution centers in Maastricht West and East;
  • Reducing pollution of public spaces;
  • Commitment to the Maastricht Energy Agreement;
  • Supporting entrepreneurs in waste service contracts;
  • Solar panels on government buildings;
  • Electric municipal vehicle fleet.


8. A fair Maastricht economy

  • Reducing rules and improving municipal services;
  • A (inter) national transport system which improves accessibility to and from Maastricht;
  • Bringing education more in line with the labor market;
  • Supporting market economy development within the Euregio;
  • Better balance in event planning and organisation;
  • Addressing the issue regarding unocuppied buildings and improving the living and working environment;
  • No further extension of shopping hours.


9. Preservation of values ​​and traditions

  • Focus on communities, associations, churches and neighborhoods;
  • Strong society with respect, solidarity and community spirit;
  • Protection of shared values ​​and norms;
  • Support focused on connecting and meeting people;
  • Encouraging the transfer of values ​​and traditions;
  • Preserving and supporting Maastricht cultural heritage.